(1970) The Garret Singers – The Garret Singers

Argo issue number: ZFB 7
Produced by: John Gilbert/Kevin Daly

Availability: never issued on CD

The Garret Singers
John Challenger – vocals, tin whistle, guitar
Shirley Gammon – vocals
Jenn Price – vocals
John Mathieson – banjo, mandolin, guitar
Richard Vick – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Vic Gammon – vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, tenor recorder, mouth organ, concertina, melodeon, ocarina

John Gilbert – tambourine


Side One

1 The Coachman and his Whip – JC lead vocal, RV guitar, JM banjo, VG whistle, pluis chorus
2 A Lovely Lass to a Friar Came – RV vocal, VG guitar
3 Sprig of Thyme – JP vocal, VG guitar
4 Greensleeves – VG melodeon, RV guitar, JM mandolin
5 The Tinker – VG vocal & melodeon, RV guitar, JM mandolin, plus chorus
6 Gentle Easy Flowing River (Alastair Clayre) – JC & RV unacc vocal
7 Searching for Lambs – JP vocal, VG tenor recorder
8 Pennsylvania (??) – JC vocal, VG banjo, RV guitar, JM mandolin, JG tambourine, plus chorus

Side Two
1 As I Walked out one May Morning – JC vocal, RV guitar, VG tin whistle, JM mandolin, plus chorus
2 Penny Wager – RV vocals & guitar, plus chorus
3 Stingo – JC vocal, VG melodeon, RV guitar, JM mandolin
4 Hares on the Mountain – Group unacc.
5 Jar of Strong Cider (Gammon) – VG vocal & mandolin, JC whistle, JM banjo, RV guitar, plus chorus
6 Behind the Bush in the Garden – VG tenor recorder, JM mandolin, RV guitar, JC melodeon
7 Rosemary Lane – JP vocal, VC guitar
8 Yarmouth Town – JC vocal, JM mandolin, VG melodeon, RV guitar, plus chorus

All tracks traditional unless otherwise indicated.

Notes to follow, but in the meantime thanks to Vic Gammon for a copy of the album.

~ by folkcatalogue on June 12, 2010.

11 Responses to “(1970) The Garret Singers – The Garret Singers”

  1. For some reason these two tracks won’t play – doesn’t seem to get beyond the “buffering” stage which is a great shame – would very much like to hear them – great selection of songs & I like everything I’ve heard by Vic Gammon (not that much alas) – sorry to be a pain but any chance of re-upping them? Cheers.

  2. Thanks

  3. Not heard this album for 35 years. Great to hear it again (or at least part of it).

  4. dude!! one of the really beautiful folk music records, ever. a lost classic. a lost Argo release that more people should be drooling for. the interesting, full-length figures in black & white on the front sleeve is an almost Folk Heritage cover.

  5. Yes, a rare and excellent record; very sad that Argo dropped it. Does anyone know where I can get a clean copy?

  6. Would like to contact Richard L Vick as we worked together for some years.

    • If you know of a way to get hold of a clean copy (preferably in .mp3, but any format will do), please post contact info! This is a fine and under-appreciated record, and pretty much impossible to get hold of. Any help would be appreciated. -Old folkie

    • Ahhh the good old days at Thermal electronics! I still have 6 inch rule with RBW engraved on it!

  7. A great folk item. One of the best on this label. Superb singing, haunting melodies, instrumentation fits perfectly. I really love this, never becomes boring, after repeated listenings.

    • I agree. Do you know where I can get a reasonably clean .mp3 version? I have it in very old vinyl, and my copy is in very sorry shape. I’ve been looking (in a desultory way) for several years now, and so far have not found any source for this album. It’s a pity they never digitized it. Any leads or help would be appreciated.

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