DA and ZDA series (1962-75)

A bit of a ragbag, the DA (mono) and ZDA (stereo) 12 inch LP series, issued by Argo between 1962 and 1975.

With each album retailing in 1962 at 36/8 (including tax), the series includes a fair bit of Transacord Railway recordings (in red in the list), spoken word (in yellow), jazz (in white) and folk (in green – including re-releases from the RG and ZRG series). Plus other bits of miscellany (grey) that probably didn’t fit into the other Argo series running at the time.

Thanks to Argo recording engineer Iain Churches for his help in compiling it.

There are lots of holes in it, but I can’t for the life of me find what’s supposed to go in them.

DA 1 Marlowe Society of Cambridge Shakespeare – The Tragedies Vol 1 selected scenes 1962
DA 2 Marlowe Society of Cambridge Shakespeare – The Comedies Vol 1 selected scenes 1962
DA 3 Marlowe Society of Cambridge Shakespeare – The Histories Vol 1 selected scenes 1962
DA 4 Marlowe Society of Cambridge Shakespeare – The Tragedies Vol 2 selected scenes 1962
DA 6 West Highland Line 1962
DA 7 Shap 1962
DA 8 The Somerset & Dorset 1962
DA 9 West of Exeter 1962
DA 10
DA 11
Argo Chamber Ensemble, dir. Austin The Beggar’s Opera
DA 12 Trains in the Night 1962
DA 13
ZDA 13
Newfoundland Heads the Waverley
DA 14 The Great Eastern
ZDA 19-20 a) Elsie Morison (soprano) Pamela Bowden (contralto) Richard Lewis (tenor) Richard Standen (bass) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Chorus & Orchestra cond John Pritchard b) Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden cond John Pritchard.

Rec in assoc wuth British Council

Tippett – a) A Child of Our Time, b) The Midsummer Marriage: Ritual Dances Apr 1963
DA 21
ZDA 21
The Triumph of an A4 Pacific
DA 22
ZDA 22
Trains in the Hills
DA 23
ZDA 23
Whistling Through Dixie
DA 24
ZDA 24
Sunday Only
DA 25
ZDA 25
Steam Railroading Under Thundering Skies
DA 26
DA 27

ZDA 26
ZDA 27

Various Artists – Mitchell/Abse/ Robson/Lee/Garrick Poetry and Jazz 1 & 2 1964
DA 28
ZDA 28
Rhythms of Steam
DA 29 Various Artists, prod. James McNeish Greece in Music and Song Feb 1965
DA 30 Various Artists, prod. James McNeish Sicily in Music and Song Feb 1965
DA 31 Working on the Footplate 1964
ZDA 32 Various Artists Songs for Children Nov 1964
DA 33
ZDA 33
Michael Garrick Quintet October Woman 1965
DA 34 Peter Pears, Noel Mewton Wood, Amadeus Quartet Tippett – Boyhood’s End
DA 35
ZDA 35
The Power of Steam
DA 36 Michael Garrick Sextet, with Ian Carr Promises 1965
DA 37 Sounds of the Sea and Ships
DA 38 Cdr A. B. Campbell, Cdr R. T. Gould, Philip Guedalla, Sir Julian Huxley, Lady Barbara Ward Jackson, Prof C. E. M. Joad, Donald McCullough, Sir Harold Nicholson, Sir Malcolm Sargent. Recorded with coop. of BBC Radio Enterprises The Brains Trust 1967?
DA 39 The Great Western
DA 40
DA 41 Joseph Lhevinne The Golden Age of Piano Virtuosi 1 1966
DA 42 Rosenthal/Rach The Golden Age of Piano Virtuosi 2
DA 43 Various Artists The Golden Age of Piano Virtuosi 3
ZDA 44 Various Artists incl. Pat Shuldham Shaw and Esme Lewis Oats, Beans and Barley 1966
DA 45 1966
DA 46
ZDA 46
The Critics Group A Merry Progress to London 1966
DA 47
ZDA 47
The Critics Group Sweet Thames Flow Softly 1966
DA 48
ZDA 48
Trains to Remember
DA 49 Paris Express
DA 50 – DA 63
ZDA 50 – ZDA 63
Various Artists Poetry and Song (14 LPs) 1967-
DA 66 – DA 75 MacColl/Seeger The Long Harvest 1967-
DA 76
ZDA 76
MacColl/Seeger Ballads Resident and Migrant (never issued)
DA 77
ZDA 77
MacColl/Seeger Second Crop (never issued)
DA 78 London’s Last Trams
DA 79
DA 80 Peggy Seeger & Mike Seeger Peggy ‘n’ Mike 1967
DA 81 Peggy Seeger Peggy Alone 1967
DA 82
ZDA 82
The Critics Group The Female frolic 1968
DA 83
ZDA 83
Maccoll/Seeger The Angry Muse 1968
DA 84 MacColl/Seeger The Amorous Muse 1968
DA 85 MacColl/Seeger The Wanton Muse 1968
DA 86
ZDA 86
The Critics Group Waterloo Peterloo 1968
DA 87 Ruth & Clive Sansom The Witnesses
DA 88 Michael Garrick Septet Black Marigolds 1968
DA 89 Various Artists, prod James McNeish Folk music of Czechoslovakia 1970
DA 90
ZDA 90
Echoes of Engines
DA 91 – DA 96 Various Artists Voices 1968
DA 98
ZDA 98
MacColl/Seeger/Critics Paper Stage 1 Mar 1969
DA 99
ZDA 99
MacColl/Seeger/Critics Paper Stage 2 Mar 1969
ZDA 100 The Yetties & Sherborne Town Band Up In Arms Sep 1974?
DA 101 Edward Kamau Brathwaite Rights of Passage 1969
DA 102
DA 103 Herbert Read Echoes of My Life 1968
DA 104 New Deal String Band Down in the Willow 1969
DA 106 Trains in Spain 1969
ZDA 109 Copper Capped Engines 1969
DA 115 Vive La Vapeur 1969
ZDA 125 Various artists, recorded in the field by Deben Bhattacharya The Living Tradition – Music from Rumania 1969

DA 133 MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al The Travelling People 1970
ZDA 134 Leicester Schools Symphony Orchestra Chapell – Dead in Tune May 1970
ZDA 135 Michael Garrick Sextet The Heart is a Lotus May 1970
DA 136
ZDA 136
MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al On the Edge (Radio Ballad) Jan 1971
ZDA 137 The Critics Group As We Were a Sailing Jul 1970
ZDA 138 The Critics Group Ye Mariners All Feb 1971
DA 139 MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al The Ballad of John Axon (Radio Ballad) 1971
DA 140 MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al The Big Hewer (Radio Ballad) 1971
DA 141 MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al The Fight |Game (Radio Ballad) 1971
DA 142 MacColl/Seeger/Parker et al Singing the Fishing (Radio Ballad) 1971
ZDA 147 Druids/Wyndham Read/Scots Guards et al Songs and Music of the Redcoats Feb 1972
ZDA 148 Norma Winstone Edge of Time Apr 1972
ZDA 149 Flanders/Horowitz/The King’s Singers Captain Noah/Holy Moses Nov 1972
ZDA 150 Gothic Horizon Tomorrow is Another Day 1972
ZDA 153 Michael Garrick Cold Mountain Nov 1972
ZDA 154 Michael Garrick Band Home Stretch Blues Nov 1972
ZDA 155 Sam Parry If Sadness Could Sing Jan 1973
ZDA 156 Rick Jones Hiya Maya 1972
ZDA 158 The Druids/Trevor Crozier’s Broken Consort/St George’s Canzona et al Giles Farnaby’s Dream Band Oct 1973
ZDA 159 Alan Cohen Band Black, Brown and Beige Oct 1973
ZDA 160 Co-operation One More Mountain to Climb Oct 1973
ZDA 161 Talisman Stepping Stones Nov 1973
ZDA 162 Ian Whitcombe Hip Hooray for Neville Chamberlain Jul 1974
ZDA 163 Michael Garrick Troppo Jun 1974
ZDA 164 Various Artists Willpower (Shakespeare Jazz) Jul 1975
ZDA 165 Various Artists Willpower (Shakespeare Jazz) Jul 1975
ZDA 166 P.G. Wodehouse Speaking Personally Oct 1974
ZDA 167 New Paul Whiteman Orchestra Runnin’ Wild Apr 1975
ZDA 168 The Yetties The Yetties of Yetminster May 1975
ZDA 170 Stanley Holloway Life in the old dog yet 1975
ZDA 171 Martin Best Consort Fine Old English Tory Times
ZDA 173 Arthur Askey Before Your Very Eyes Oct 1976
ZDA 174 Forbes Robinson/Robin Stapleton Ballads, Songs and Snatches Feb 1977
ZDA 175 The Yetties Let’s Have a Party 1975
ZDA 176 Roy Dotrice Scenes from Watership Down
ZDA 201 Juan Martin The Exciting Sound of Flamenco Jun 1974
ZDA 202 Bibs and Vanya The Romantic Sound of the Balalaika Jun 1974
ZDA 203 Wilbraham/Pearson The Baroque Sound of the Trumpet Jun 1975
ZDA 204 Roger Nicholson The Gentle Sound of the Dulcimer Jun 1974
ZDA 205 Akinobu Matsuda The Classic Sound of the Guitar June 1974
ZDA 206 Tommy Reilly The Silver Sound of the Harmonica Jun 1975
ZDA 207 Bob Stewart The Unique Sound of the Psaltery Jun 1975

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