(1968) The Critics Group – Waterloo-Peterloo

waterloopeterloofront(English Folk Songs and broadsides 1780-1830)

Argo issue number: DA 86, ZDA 86, re-released Jan 1972 as ZFB 68


Sleeve notes: Brian Pearson

Sung by The Critics Group
Frankie Armstrong
John Faulkner
Brian Pearson
Denis Turner
Terry Yarnell

John Faulkner – mandolin, English concertina
Sandra Kerr – guitar, dulcimer, tin whistle, spoons
Jim O’Connor – drums, percussion
Peggy Seeger – guitar


Side One
With Henry Hunt We’ll Go (trad arr SK/JF) – DT and chorus
Lancashire Lads (trad arr SK/JF) – FA vocals, SK guitar, JF mandolin
The Labouring Man (trad arr SK/JF) – BP vocals, JF concertina, SH dulcimer
John O’Grinfell’s (trad) – DT unaccompanied
Cast Iron Song (trad arr PS/SK/JF) – TY/DT vocals, JF mand, SK dulc, PS guit
Van Deimens Land (trad arr SK) – JF vocals, SK guitar
Death of Parker (trad) – FA unaccompanied
Drink Old England Dry (trad) – TY and chorus

Side Two
Battle Of Waterloo (trad arr JO/SK) – JF, TY vocals, SK tin whistle, JO drums
Boney Was A Warrior (trad) – BP and men’s chorus
The Victory (trad arr SK) – FA vocals, SH dulcimer
The Dudley Boys (tune Pam Bishop) – DT and chorus
Keepers and Poachers (trad arr SK/JF) – BP vocals, JF concertina, SK guitar
I Should Like To be a Policeman (tune BP, arr JO/SK) – TY, men’s chorus, SK spoons, JO perc
The Way To Live (tune BP, arr SK/JF) – FA, BP vocals, SK guitar, JF guitar
Handloom Weavers Lament (trad) – unaccompanied

For notes to the songs, click on the back cover.

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One Response to “(1968) The Critics Group – Waterloo-Peterloo”

  1. I have this record but lost the fine notes.
    can anyone help?
    Paddy McEvoy

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