Argo R, S, AU and U series – 78 rpm 1951, 1952

This is a list of the 78s that Argo issued. There weren’t many of them. They went over to those new-fangled microgroove 33⅓ rpm long-playing records totally in 1953.

Issue No Artist Title Year
R SERIES      
R 1001 Wesley’s Chapel Choir conductor – Charles Cleall The Lord is my shepherd,
Oh Lord, increase my faith
R 1002? Wesley’s Chapel Choir, cond. Geoffrey Bush, Eileen Poulter (soprano) Geoffrey Bush – A Christmas Cantata Dec 1951
R 1003 Ide Ne Cadlaigh Gaelic Folk Songs Dec 1951
R 1004      
R 1005      
R 1006      
R 1007 Lawrence Watts (tenor), Norah Newby acc. Butterworth – Is my team ploughing?/Ireland – The soldier 1952
R 1008 Lawrence Watts (tenor) Norah Newby acc. Pelham Humphrey – As Freezing Fountains, My Lytell Pretty One, Have you Seen but a White Lily Grow? 1952
R 1009 James Ching Bach – Jesu Joy/Mortify Us 1952?
R 1010 Alan Wheatley (reader) Bahram – The Jackdaw of Rheims 1952?
S SERIES      
S 1003 Edith Lake (viola de gamba), Dorothy Erhart (harpsichord) Abel – Sonata for viola 1951
S 1005 Margaret Haes (mezzo-soprano) Joaquin Nin – Villancicos Espanoles Dec 1951
S 1006
S 1007
The St George Quartet Haydn – E Flat Quartet 1952
AU 1001
AU 1002
AU 1003
Graham Mitchell Ireland – Sarnia 1951
U SERIES      
U 1004 Graham Mitchell Ireland – Ragamuffin/Soliloquy 1951
U 1005 Graham Mitchell Ireland – Amberley Wild Brooks/The Towing Path 1951

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