(1970) The Yetties – Keep a runnin’ – it’s the Yetties

Argo issue number: ZFB 16

Produced by: Kevin Daly
Recorded by: Ade Martins

Sleeve notes: John Paddy Browne
Cover photo: Tom Paley
Artwork: Robin Mukerji

Availability: Long deleted by Argo/Decca; available on CD and LP on The Yetties website. Click here.

The Yetties
Pete Shutler – accordion, whistle, zither, vocals
Bob Common – vocals, drums
Mac McCulloch – guitar, accordion, vocals
Bonny Sartin – lead vocals

David Kettlewell – piano, clarinet
Oscar Burridge – fiddle


Side A
1 The Fairy Dance/The Breakdown (trad arr Yetties)
2 The Broadside Man (Meek/Connolly)
3 Whip Jamboree (trad arr Yetties)
4 The Exmoor Hunt Song (trad arr Yetties)
5 The Peasant’s Revolt (trad arr Yetties)
6 Yeller Girls (trad arr Yetties)
7 Good English Ale (trad arr Yetties)
8 McCann’s Jig/The Lilting Fisherman/Drowsy Maggie (trad arr Yetties)
9 The Nightingale (trad arr Yetties)

Side B
1 The Sound Of The Drum (trad arr Hamer)
2 Five Foot Flirt (Tawney)
3 Dunphy’s Hornpipe (trad arr Yetties)
4 Take Your Time (trad arr Yetties)
5 South Australia (trad arr Yetties)
6 Corpus Christi Carol (trad arr Yetties)
7 Let The Bulgine Run (trad arr Yetties)

“I’ve never quite understood,” says Yetties lead vocalist Bonny Sartin, “why the title for this album, but it was the first one for the Argo label, we’d just signed the contract and we didn’t argue.”

Before they got that contract The Yetties had been professional three years and released two albums – Fifty Stone of Loveliness (1969) and Who’s A-fear’d (1970), both on the Acorn label. Their first appearance on vinyl was the contribution of two tracks on the Festival at Towersea album on the Zeus label in 1968.

(For a bit more on the Acorn and Zeus labels see post for The Yetties’ live album ‘Our Friends The Yetties’)

The Yetties would stay with Argo till 1976, when they moved over to parent company Decca. When Argo and Decca sank, they went with producer Kevin Daly and Argo founder Harley Usill to their new label ASV.

For a discography of The Yetties, click here.

The band’s history can be pieced together from their comprehensive web site. Click here.

After 43 years, The Yetties have decided to “call a halt to charging around the motorways of England, getting home at three in the morning and heaving tons of gear about”. Their plan is to “finish with a bit of a flutter in Sherborne on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2011 with a Ceilidh, a concert and a final cuppa, chat and auction”.

(more as and when)

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  1. The Exmoor Hunt song is absokutely brilliant!!!

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