(1951) Ide Ni Cadlaigh – Gaelic Folk Songs (78rpm)

Argo issue number: R 1003

Ide Ni Cadlaigh – vocal
Adrian Beecham – piano

Seoladh na nGamhna (trad. arr Beacham)
Aonach Cill Disirt (trad. arr. Beacham)

I haven’t been able to find out much about this record, Argo’s first folk recording and one of the few releases by the label on a 78. There’s a copy in the British Library’s sound archive in London, but what with the cost of public transport, it may be some while…

Any information about the singer – whose first name is given by Argo as both Ide and Ida in separate adverts in The Gramophone magazine – would be much appreciated, as well as about the song Aonach Cill Disirt, translated in one of the ads as ‘The Fair at Killdysirt’. Presumably Irish, from County Clare.

The first song – Seoladh na nGamhna (Driving of the Calves) – is better known, in part thanks to the Hothouse Flowers, and is traced in its various versions on a thread on the traditional folk website Mudcat. Click here.

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One Response to “(1951) Ide Ni Cadlaigh – Gaelic Folk Songs (78rpm)”

  1. Ide Ni Cadlaigh was my mother. If you would like information about her let me know.
    Ide Leddy

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