RG 400-499 (mono), ZRG 5400-5499 (stereo)

More of "The English Poets" series, the end of the marathon effort to record all of Shakespeare’s plays (Pericles), continuing collaborations with the British Council, the label’s first foray into educational recordings (Rhyme and Rhythm) and the release on disc of the first of the BBC’s Radio Ballads (John Axon) after protracted negotiations.

Spoken word in yellow, classical (dominated by choral and song) in grey, and miscellaneous – including several albums of Irish songs – in green.

RG 400
ZRG 5400
Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields, dir Neville Marriner Handel – Six Concerti Grossi, Op 3 1964
RG 401 Coghill, Davis, Barrow Chaucer – Canterbury Tales Prologue June 1964
RG 403 Johnson, Orr, Squire The English Poets – John Donne 1964
RG 404 Stride, Watson, Bonnamy, Holmes, Orr, Church, Squire, Marquand The English Poets – The Metaphysical Poets – Religious 1965
RG 405
ZRG 5405
Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge, dir Guest Hymns for all Seasons 1964
RG 406
ZRG 5406
Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge, dir Guest English Cathedral Music – Walmisley, Nares, Goss, Wesley 1964
RG 407-
RG 410

ZRG 5407-
ZRG 5410

Marlowe Society, plus Wymark, Wordsworth, Squire, Garland, Lehmann, Scales et al, dir Rylands Shakespeare – Richard III 1964
RG 411-
RG 413

ZRG 5411-
ZRG 5413

Marlowe Society, plus Squire, Duncan, Hordern, Orr, Church, Watson, King, McCarthy, Scales, Rawlings, Richer. Dir Rylands. Shakespeare – Pericles 1964
RG 414-
RG 417

ZRG 5414-
ZRG 5417

Various artists incl. Pat Shuldham artists including Pat Shuldham Shaw, Esme Lewis, Choir of Hamsptead Garden Suburb School, Spike Milligan, Prunella Scales etc

Rhyme and Rhythm – poems and songs for children (4 vols)

RG 418
ZRG 5418
Peter Pears (tenor), Benjamin Britten (piano) Joan Dickson (cello) Twentieth-Century English Songs – Ireland, Bridge, Richard Rodney Bennett, Rainier 1964
RG 419
ZRG 5419
Simon Preston (organ) Bach – Sechs Chorale von verschiedener Art
Mozart – Fantasia in F minor K 608/ Fantasia in F minor and major K 594
RG 420
ZRG 5420
Simon Preston (organ) Reger – Toccata in D minor and Fugue in D major/Chorale Fantasia, Straf’ mich nicht in deinem Zorn

Reubke – Sonata on the 94th Psalm

RG 421-2
ZRG 5421-
ZRG 5422
Philomusica of London, dir George Malcolm Bach – The Art of the Fugue 1965
RG 423
ZRG 5423
Choral and Song Choir of St Michael’s College, Tenbury, cond. Nethsingha Sing Joyfully – anthems by Tallis, Morley, Tye, Gibbons, Britten 1965
RG 424
ZRG 5424
Elizabethan Singers dir. Louis Halsey, Wilfrid Parry (piano) Benjamin Britten – Part Songs 1964?
ZRG 5425 Dartington String Quartet, Katherina Wolpe, Leonardo Wind Quartet, Joan Dickson, Margaret Kitchin Elisabeth Lutyens – Bagatelles, two quartets
Ian Hamiton – Cello Sonata, Three Pieces for Piano
ZRG 5426 Richard Rodney Bennett (piano), Susan Bradshaw (piano), John Alldis Choir, in assoc. British Council Choral Music – Gardner, Lutyens, Joubert, Naylor 1965
RG 427 Stride, Watson, Bonnamy, Holmes, Orr, Church, Squire, Marquand. Dir Rylands, assoc. British Council, OUP The Metaphysical Poets – Secular 1965
RG 428

Alan Bates, Bonnamy, Devlin, Johnson, Marquand, Orr

William Blake – Poems

RG 429

Orr, Squire

William Wordsworth – The Prelude (excerpts)

RG 430
ZRG 5430
Stephane Caillat Chamber Choir, cond. Caillat Milhaud – Cantata Les Deux Cites, Cantate de la Paix
Poulenc – Motets, Lauds
RG 431 Church, Redgrave, McCarthy John Milton – Paradise Lost Book 1 1965
RG 432 Church, Redgrave, Devlin, Rylands, Wymark, McCarthy, Orr, Burrell John Milton – Paradise Lost – Book 2 1965
RG 433 Devlin, Squire, Watson English Poets – John Milton 1965
RG 434
ZRG 5434
Bernadette Greevy (contralto), Harold Cray (bass), Our Lady’s Choral Society, Radio Eireann Light Orchestra sextet, Radio Eireann Symphony Orchestra, cond. Doyle Ireland Mother Ireland (anthology of Irish songs) 1965
RG 436
ZRG 5436
King’s College Cambridge Choir, Cambridhe Universirty Musical Society, Andrew Davis (organ), John Langdon (organ), cond. David Willcocks Thomas Tallis – Selections 1965
RG 437 Robert Donat Robert Donat reading Poetry 1965
RG 438
(part from RG 41 1955)

Burton, Neville, Hardy, Bonnamy, Devlin

Samuel Taylor Coleridge – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

RG 439
ZRG 5439
Peter Pears (tenor), Benjamin Britten, Alan Bush, Viola Tunnard (piano), assoc. British Council Peter Pears – English Songs 1965
RG 440
ZRG 5440
Roger Parker (treble), Michael Pearce (counter-tenor), Forbes Robinson (bass), Marisa Robles (harp), Brian Runnet (organ), St John’s College Choir, cond. George Guest Britten – Rejoice in the Lamb, Missa Brevis, A Ceremony of Carols 1965
RG 442
ZRG 5442
Roger Lord (oboe), Academy-of-St. Martin-in- the-Fields, dir. Marriner Handel – Instrumental Works 1965
ZRG 5443 Grayston Burgess (counter-tenor), Gerald English (tenor), John Frost (baritone), Robin Stenham (treble), Robert Tear (tenor), Jihn Whitworth (counter-tenor), Osian Ellis (harp & voice), Desmond Dupre (plectrum lute & guitar), Joan Rimmer (psaltery), Christopher Taylor (recorder), Christopher Wellington (viola), Frank Ll Harrison (music director) Medieval English Lyrics 1965
RG 444
ZRG 5444
Roger Parker (treble), Charles Brett (counter-tenor), Robert Tear, Wilfred Brown (tenors), Christopher Keyte, Christopher Bevan (baritones), Inia Te Wiata (bass), Choir of St. John’s College, Cam-bridge, Brian Runnett (organ), Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields con. George Guest Purcell – Music for the Chapel Royal 1964
RG 447
ZRG 5447
Simon Preston (organ), rec. in Westminster Abbey Messiaen – La Nativite du Seigneur 1966?
RG 449

Curran, O’Sullivan, Norton, Manahan

William Butler Yeats – Poems

RG 450
ZRG 5450
Choir of King’s College, Cambridge A Festival of Lessons and Carols 1965
RG 451

Various poets read their own works. Recorded in assoc. with British Council and Harvard University. 

The Poet Speaks Vol 1 – James Reeves, David Jones, William Plomer, C. Day Lewis

RG 452

Various poets read their own works

The Poet Speaks Vol 2 – Norman Nicholson, Stevie Smith, W.R. Rodgers, Vernon Watkins, Edward Lowbury 1965
RG 453

Various poets read their own works

The Poet Speaks Vol 3 – John Heath-Stubbs, Thomas Blackburn, Laurnece Whistler, John Press, Julian Ennis 1965
RG 454

Various poets read their own works

The Poet Speaks Vol 4 – Tony Connor, Thomas Kinsella, Elizabeth Jennings, Peter Redgrove 1965
RG 455

Various poets read their own works

The Poet Speaks Vol 5 – Ted Hughes, Peter Porter, Thom Gunn, Sylvia Plath 1965
RG 456

Various poets read their own works

The Poet Speaks Vol 6 – Nineteen Poets – John Ardin, Michael Baldwin, Taner Baybars, Patricia Beer, George Mackay Brown, John Fuller, Michael Harnett, Hamish Henderson, David Holbrook, James Liddy, George MacBeth, Christopher Middleton, Adrian Mitchell, Ruth Pitter, Herbert Read, Edward Thomas, Anthony Thwaite, Rosemary Tonks, David Wevill 1965
RG 457
ZRG 5457
Marisa Robles (harp) Harp Music of Spain 1966
RG 458
ZRG 5458
Marisa Robles (harp) Harp Music of France 1966
RG 459
ZRG 5459
Bernadette Greevy (contralto), Radio Eireann Light Orchestra sextet, Mercedes Bolger (harp), Jeannie Reddin (piano) Over here (Irish Songs) 1966
RG 460
ZRG 5460
Our Lady’s Choral Society with Bernadette Greevy, Harold Gray & Radio Eireann Light Orchestra cond. Col James Boyle Let Erin Remember 1966
RG 463

Church, Johnson, Scales, Duncan, Redgrave, dir Rylands

John Milton – Paradise Lost Books 3 and 4 (abridged)

RG 464 Church, Redgrave, Watson, Johnson, Scales, Hordern, Marquand, Croucher John Milton – Paradise Lost Books 5-6 1966
RG 466 Nevill Coghill, Norman Davis The English Poets – Chaucer – Canterbury Tales/Nun’s Priest Tale 1966
RG 467
ZRG 5467
Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields dir. Neville Marriner Mendelssohn – String Symphonies 1966
RG 468

Various Artists. Dir Barry Cassin and Noel MacMahon, music by Gerard Victory.

W.B. Yeats – Noh Plays Vol 1 – At the Hawk’s Well,The Dreaming of the Bones

RG 469

Various Artists. Dir Barry Cassin and Noel MacMahon, music by Gerard Victory.

W.B. Yeats – Noh Plays Vol 2 -The Cat and the Moon, Resurrection

RG 470-
RG 472
Barbara Jefford, Alec McCowen, Max Adrian et al, dir. Shirley Butler G. B. Shaw – Saint Joan 1966
RG 474 Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger et al The Ballad of John Axon (BBC Radio Ballad) 1965
RG 475
ZRG 5475
a) Barry Tuckwell (horn) Brenton Langbein (violin) Maureen Jones (piano) b) William Bennett (flute), Peter Graeme (oboe), Gervase de Peyer (clarinet) c) William Pleeth (cello) Gervase de Peyer d) Margaret Kitchin (piano) Barry Tuckwell (horn) Modern Instrumental Music – a) Banks b) Rodney Bennett c) Tate d) Hamilton 1966
ZRG 5479 Choir of King’s College Cambridge, dir. David Willcocks Tallis – Tudor Church Music Record II 1966
RG 484 Ashcroft, Holm, Johnson, Stride Elizabethan and Jacobean Lyrics 1966
RG 485 Holm, Johnson, Rylands, Stride The English Poets – a) Elizabethan Sonneteers b) Edmund Spenser 1966
RG 486

Ashcroft, Holm, Johnson, Orr, Stride

16th-17th Century Poets – Campion, Johnson and Herrick

RG 488

Church, Scales, Scott, Squire, Watson

Edmund Spenser – The Faerie Queen (excerpts)

RG 489
ZRG 5489
Alberni String Quartet – Dennis Simons, Howard Davis (violins), John White (viola), Gregory Baron (cello). In assoc with British Council. Rawsthorne – String Quartets 1966
RG 490
ZRG 5490
Elizabeth Vaughan (soprano), Alexander Young (tenor), Forbes Robinson (bass), Andrew Davis (harpsichord), John Langdon (organ continuo), King’s College Choir, Academy of St Matin-in-the-Fields cond. David Willcocks Handel – Chandos Anthems 1966
RG 491-492
ZRG 5491-
ZRG 5492
George Malcolm (harpsichord) Rameau – Harpsichord Works 1967
RG 493 Michael MacLiammoir I must be talking to my friends (Ireland’s Poets, Wits and Revolutionaries) 1966
RG 494
ZRG 5494
Choir of St John’s College, Jonathan Bielby (organ), Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord), strings from Academy of St Martin-in-the-Field, cond George Guest Monteverdi – Messa a 4 voci 1966
RG 495
ZRG 5495
Purcell Singers, English Chamber Orchestra, cond. Imogen Holst Holst – Six Choruses with Medieval Lyrics, Seven Part Songs 1966
RG 496
ZRG 5496
Elizabethan Singers, cond. Louis Halsey, Owen Brannigan (bass), Wilfred Parry (piano) English Folk Song Recital 1966
RG 497
ZRG 5497
Peter Pears (tenor), Norbert Brainin (violin), Richard Adeney (flute), Peter Graeme (oboe), Cecil Aronowitz (viola), Viola Tunnard (piano), Purcell Singers cond. Imogen Holst Holst – Vocal and Instrumental Works 1967
RG 498
ZRG 5498
Barry Tuckwell (horn), Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields cond. Neville Marriner Haydn – Horn Concertos 1966
RG 499
ZRG 5499
Elizabethan Singers – Louis Halsey, Simon Preston (organ) Contemporary Carols 1966

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