(1971) The Critics Group – Ye Mariners All

yemarinersfrontYe Mariners All – More Shanties and Forebitters

Argo issue number: ZDA 138

Producer: Harley Usill
Engineer: Kevin Daly

Ewan MacColl
Aldwyn Cooper
John Faulkner
Brian Pearson
Dick Snell
Terry Yarnell
Phil Colclough

Peggy Seeger – dulcimer, concertina
John Faulkner – fiddle
Sandra Kerr – guitar, whistle
Dick Snell – whistle


yemarinersbackSide 1
Ja, Ja, Ja – DS and Chorus
The Indian Lass – BP vocals, DS whistle, PS concertina, SK guitar, JF fiddle
The Cruel Ship’s Captain – EM unaccompanied
Paddy Get Back – AC and chorus
Jack the Jolly Tar – EM and chorus, PS concertina
The Ship in Distress – TY unaccompanied
Cheer’ly Man – EM and chorus
The Spanish Fight – BP vocal, PS dulcimer, SK whistle, JF fiddle
Andrew Rose – TY and chorus, JF fiddle
Bangidero – JF and chorus

Side Two
The Mermaid – EM unaccompanied
Goodbye, Fare You Well – DS and chorus, PS concertina, JF fiddle, SK whistle
The Bold Princess Royal – JF unaccompanied
Clear the Track – EM and chorus
Captain Ward and the Rainbow – EM vocal, JF fiddle
The Sea Martyrs – TY, JF, DS vocals
Cruising Round Yarmouth – PC and chorus
Ye Mariners All – JF unaccompanied
Galloping Randy Dandy O! – EM and chorus
Leave her, Johnny – EM and chorus

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