(1971) The Yetties – Our friends The Yetties

Argo issue number: ZFB 32

Produced, edited and remixed by: Kevin Daly
Recorded by: Ade Martins

Recorded live at Decca Studios in front of an audience

Availability: long deleted by Argo/Decca; LP and CD available from The Yetties’ website. Click here.

The Yetties
Bob Common
Pete Shutler
Mac McCulloch
Bonny Sartin

Oscar Burridge – fiddle
David Kettlewell – clarinet
Leigh Dyer – bass
Ron Curtis – theatre organ
Aileen Leahy – dancer


Side One
1 Aunt Hessie’s White Horse/Villa Fjord
2 Out in the Green Fields
3 Lamorna
4 Reels
5 Towersey Fair
6 American Reels
7 The Rolling Hills of the Border
8 Rodney’s Glory
9 Sweet Thyme

Side Two
1 Santa Anna
2 Derry Hornpipe/Bottom of the Punchbowl
3 The Lark in the Morning
4 Slip Jig and Reel (Kelly’s Joy/The Teetotaller)
5 The Dreadnought
6 The King of the Fairies
7 The Dancers of Stanton Drew
8 3 Jigs
9 The Thrashing Machine

Haven’t heard this live album, but two (well, at least four, if I’m honest) bits of trivia in the meantime:

1) producer Kevin Daly roped in his first cousin Ron (The Happy Wanderer) Curtis to play organ on the album (he’d borrow Ron’s Paramount Organ Studio in Bolton for The Druids’ Pastime with Good Company in 1972);

2) when the concert finished, the studio was still free, so Daly got them to carry on recording – the end result was the Argo album ‘The World of Irish Dancing’, on which the studio caretaker gets shanghaied to play the piano and the assembled Yetties and pals pass themselves off as O’Dalaigh’s Ceili Band. Oh, Daly! It makes me smile each time I think about it. For info about the album, click here.

High spirits
Reviewing the album in the December 1971 edition of The Gramophone magazine, Tony Russell said:

“This is not a group very dear to my heart, but I am not immune to their high spirits, and can recommend this album heartily enough. The instrumental reels and jigs are put over with much élan, and it is particularly pleasant to find a couple of traditional American tunes among the more predictable stuff.”

Zeus, Acorn and Fuse record labels
Alistair Banfield has kindly sent me the following information about the record labels that The Yetties first recorded on (Acorn and Zeus) before their move to Argo in 1970 (See post for ‘Keep a runnin’ – it’s The Yetties’ album).

“Acorn and Zeus were in fact the same person. His name was Colin Sanders. He was well know for producing records on his home studio and would do the rounds particularly with theatre organ recordings (a coincidence given the link to the organ in the Yetties’ album – Keep a Runnin’).

“He issued many records linked to Leon Rosselson (from whom I received info on the Acorn label). He eventually set up ‘Solid State Logic’ and began making his own machines (high end recording studio consoles). This proved to be far more lucrative than recording people so the studio packed up.

“Both the Acorn and Zeus labels had the recognisable catalogue reference CF201 (Festival at Towersey) and CF249 (Palaces of Gold – Rosselson). When Sanders stopped Acorn, Fuse was born out of the closing and thus Fuse also now uses CF with its catalogue numbers to continue the pattern. Fuse is now divided into two parts – Roy Bailey & Leon Rosselson each having their own interests as well as working together occasionally.”

Thanks to Alistair for the info and suggesting a connection between Sanders, Curtis, Daly and The Yetties. Now he’s told me, it’s probably more than a coincidence, the organ thing. It would be odd if Sanders (whose Acorn label was issuing LPs of Lancashire Wurlitzers in the early 1970s) didn’t know theatre organ fanatic Curtis (who had his own Compton in his shed in Bolton).

If you want to check out the Solid State Logic blog (there’s a bit of history about how Sanders moved from studio producer to kit inventor), click here.

Is this proper recording trivia, or what?

(more as and when)

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