Online folk discographies

Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music

Reinhard Zierke’s site is a real treat, especially if you’re looking for comprehensive discographies of English singers and bands who came to prominence from the mid-fifties to 1980. The only site to include the Dransfields!

screenshot mainly norfolk - reinhard discographies

American Music

Another totally brilliant German site – Stefan Wirz’s discographies are “a wild mixture of black and white, acoustic and electric, rural and urban, silent and loud, female and male…”.  Don’t know where he gets the time.

stefan wirz american music discographies
Complete Traditional Music Discography

Rod Stradling’s mammoth project that includes every label from Ace to Yew Pine and most of the major UK folk ones in between. A fantastic resource.

stradling - complete traditional music discoghraphy
Scottish musicians and groups

Great site by Nigel Gatherer with biographies and discographies of loads of Scottish performers – from Jimmy Shand to The Humblebums to Deaf Shepherd.

nigel gatherer scottish musicians
Mento Music

Michael Garnice’s site is THE place to go for anything and everything to do with Jamaican mento music – history, performers, recordings, connections with Jamaican folk, ska, rock-steady, reggae, jazz. Take at least a week off work and enjoy it!

mento music

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