(1971) Jon & Mike Raven, with Jean Ward – Kate of Coalbrookdale

Argo issue number: ZFB 29

Produced by: Frederick Woods
Recorded by: Ade Martins

Availability: never issued on CD

Mike Raven – guitar, banjo
Jon Raven – guitar, vocals
Jean Ward – vocals
Pete Sage – fiddle


Side One
1 Brisk Young Butcher – JR vocals
2 I Wish, I Wish – JW vocals
3 Brave Collier Lads – JR vocals
4 The Buxom Dairy Maid – JW vocals
5 Kate of Coalbrookdale – JR vocals
6 Cold Blows the Wind – JW vocal
7 Wife for Sale – JR & JW vocals

Side Two
1 The Soldier’s Fancy – JW vocals
2 Bold William Taylor – JR vocals
3 The Rose of Cashmere – JW vocals
4 Nine Times a Night – JW vocals
5 The Collier Lass – JW vocals
6 The Pirate’s Serenade – JR vocals
7 The Grey Cock – JW vocals

Here are some other records that the musicians assembled here (bothers Mike and Jon, Jean Ward and Pete Sage) appeared on before and after this, their only LP on Argo:

1966: (Jon Raven, Mike Raven) The Black Country Three (Transatlantic TRA140)

1968: (Jon Raven, Mike Raven, Jean Ward) Songs of the Black Country (Broadside Records BRO100)

1968 (Jon Raven) The Halliard & Jon Raven (Broadside BRO 106), with Nic Jones, Dave Moran and Nigel Paterson

1972: (Michael Raven) Death and the Lady (Folk Heritage FHR 047), with Joan Mills

1973: (Jon Raven) Songs of a Changing World (Trailer LER 2083), with Nic Jones & Tony Rose

1974: (Mike Raven) The Jolly Machine (Folk Heritage FHR 053), with Joan Mills and Saga

1975: (Jon Raven) The Bold Navigators (Tradition Records TSR 019), with John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Gary & Vera Aspey and others

1976: (Jean Ward) Stay Not Late (solo album Folksound FS104)

1977 (Jon Raven) Steam Ballads (Broadside Records BRO 121), with Harry Boardman, Tony Rose & Kempion

For a brief biography of musician and folklorist Mike Raven, who died in 2008, see his old website, where there are a number of his guitar books, CDs, LPs and cassettes available.


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18 Responses to “(1971) Jon & Mike Raven, with Jean Ward – Kate of Coalbrookdale”

  1. Hello, any chance for cdrs, uploads of these rare folk lps? thanks

  2. I have a copy of the Argo Folk catalogue if you are still in need of one. Unfortunately, as I live at the Arse end of the world and have a dial up internet it may take longer to email it from Van Diemen’s Land to Mother England than it would take from Dorset, but none the less quicker than by clipper ship. Let me know if you are interested and I will commence proceedings. Bruce

  3. God – I’d so love to hear this album. I love Jon Raven’s voice (One of the best & most neglected of English folk singers imho) & like everything I’ve ever heard by both him & Mike. What a shame it’s never been released on CD

    • if i had it, i’d send you a copy, but i can’t afford the £50 it goes for when a rare copy comes up, so i’m just waiting for someone kind…

  4. I’ll happily burn a copy of the LP onto CD for you Jon. My old mate Jon Raven would be glad to hear that you feel so positive about his voice.

    Don’t forget the great Transatlantic album by Jon & Mike & Derek Craft. It’s called “The Black Country Three” TRA140. It included a song by Bob Dylan, spanish songs (Mike spent time in Spain learning flamenco guitar), and standards such as The Three Ravens & She Moved Through The Fair. Derek Craft played flute & Brian Brocklehurst played bass.

    • Wow Alistair – That would be marvelous. I am indeed a big fan of Jon Raven’s singing – as stated above. I have a wonderful album called Ballads of The Black Country by him. Some great stuff on there. I have also heard the three tracks by The Black Country Three that are included on the Halliard/Jolly Machine album (which is where I first heard Jon). I also recently purchased two albums from Joan Mills through Mike’s site : “Songs Of The Black Country & The West Midlands” – a great album by Mike, Jon & Jean Ward & “My Old Friend” by Mike & Joan with a guest appearance by Johnny Collins. Funnily enough I was seriously tempted to buy the Black Country Three album too but had to restrain myself to two only at this time so it’s on my “to get” list. Jon Raven is one of the few singers who I can happily listen to unaccompanied. Such is the quality of his voice. Just really works for me! Anyway, I really appreciate the offer.

  5. Hello Alistair
    What about one of England’s great female folk singers, Jean Ward? I have just received a copy of ‘Stay Not Late’. a solo album by Jean. Wonderful. A heavenly voice. I see that she is also on Kate of Coalbrookdale.Where will I be able to get a copy of it, please help. I’m way over here in New Zealand. These are great singers and dear I say of another time! We have to keep this music alive.

  6. Hi, I feel that there is an album missing from the discography above =- Released in 1970 on the Roman Head label – 99 copies only – Jean Ward – Michael Raven – The Lass From The Low Country. Superb album, very rare – there’s one on my website.

  7. Mike and Jon produced a series of Folk Music books for the Wolverhampton Folk Club in the early 1960s. There were 3 volumes in what I think was foolscap size (pre metric A4 standard in the UK). They also released, for club members only, a very limited number of copies of a Wolverhampton Folk Club ep. Perhaps as few as 200 were issued to be sold at the club, perhaps fewer? This too was issued by “The Black Country Three” i.e. Jon & Mike Raven & Derek Craft.

    • Hello – should anyone be interested I have half a dozen EPs The Black Country Three roduced by Jon & Mike under record label Woilverhampton Folk Song Club. OPen to offers. Eve

  8. These tracks are Black Country classics!

  9. Hi:

    Could you please upload more songs from this album (some tracks with Joan Mills singing?)

    Thank you!

  10. For Chris McGranaghan – I have a copy of the LP Lass from the Low Country – Michael Raven/Jean Ward if you know someone who would like a copy. Eve Raven

  11. Hiya John long time no see. My daughter is doing a Phd in Linguistics her research has included miners from the Bkack. Country moving to S yorks. I would like to buy any sons of the Bkack country etc

  12. HELLO Can someone please upload some of the songs with Jean WARD sing from the LP: Kate of Coalbrookdale. Would just really really love to hear them. Many thanks, Angie

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