(1971) Various Artists – Music from Hungary

Argo issue number: ZFB 49

Recordings: made in 1964 (Sárpilis, Mekényes), 1965 (Szebény) and 1967 (Csurgó, Budapest, Támasi, Szebény, Egyházaskozár) by Deben Bhattacharya

Cover photo: Deben Bhattacharya

Sleeve notes: Deben Bhattacharya

Szücs György – tambura (A1) 
”Women friends of the Bogar household” – singers (A2)
Istvan Bogar, Eva Bogar and ‘friends’ – singers (A3)
Vass Sandor – citera (A4)
Kelec Jószef – furulya (A5)
Jankovics Imre – duda (A6)
”A group of girls from Szebény” – singers (A7)
Toth Janos – singer (A8, A10)
”Women from Szebény” – singers (A8)
”Villagers of Szebény” – music and dancing (A9)
Unnamed musicians – (A10)
Csaba Pálfi, Katalin Balogh and group – cimbalom and dancing (A11, B1)
Gypsy musicians of the Szeged restaurant Budapest – clarinet, violin, cimbalom, double bass (B2)
Gypsy orchestra of the Szeged Restaurant Budapest (B3)
Horváth János – harp (B4,B5)
Simon Ferenc Jozsefné – singer (B6)
Gusa Pál – a pair of green pear leaves (B7) furulya (B10)
Gyurka Mihályné – singer (B8, B9)
Gyarka Antal – Kecse dancing

Pics of performers below from ‘Musik Fran Ungern’ Caprice RIKS LPX2

Gusa Pal playing furulya  singers from Szebeny 
          Gusa Pal playing furulya                                   Singers from Szebény         

jankovics imroe bagpipessimon ferenc jozsefne
Jankovics Imre playing duda                                   Simon Ferenc Jozsefné


(click on a track and it’ll play in a new window)

Side A
(Village traditions)
    a) Slow Csárdas – Megérett a fakete eseresznye 
    b) Fast Csárdas – Szörkesztyü (Sárpilis, 1964)
Song for ring dance – Bádogozzák a Pilisi templomot (Sárpilis, 1964) 
In the green wood – Zöld erdöben (Sárpilis, 1964)
Pigherd’s dances
    a) Pigherd’s dance
    b) Esteledik a faluna – Csárdas
    c) Hol lakik kend Báosi – pigherd’s dance (Csurgó, 1967)
Pigherd’s dances – Kanásztánc (Csurgó, 1967) 
Two melodies on bagpipe
     a) Kukorica Csutája
     b) Este virágzik a repce (Csurgó, 1967)
Song of Szebény – Da sáros és pozik a szép Szebényi utea  (Szebény, 1967)
Love songs from Csárdas dance
     a) Háromszinü sözre van a lovamnak
     b) Este késön kiálltam a kiskapuba egy diil (Szebény, 1965) 
Wedding songs and dance – Máma tedd rá, holnap tedd rá (Szebény, 1965)
Love song – Csütörtökön este (Szebény, 1965)
Fergeteges – dance (Budapest, 1967) 

img048 img049

Side B

(The Gypsies)
Ciganytánc – Gypsy dance (Budapest, 1967)
Shepherd’s melody – Juhászlegeny, Szegény, Juhászlegeny (Budapest, 1967)
Gyors Csárdas – fast Csárdas (Budapest, 1967)
The Rain – Esik esö fuj a szél (Támasi, 1967)

(The Csángó Hungarians)
Gyors Csárdas – fast Csárdas (Egyházaskozár, 1967)
The ballad of the three orphans – Kaszálomba van egy nyirfa (
Old Csárdas – Cicéles levélbul (Mekényes, 1964)
Lullaby – Babaalitó (Egyházaskozár, 1967)
Bride’s song – Készüjj Szep Leány Készüjj (Egyházaskozár, 1967)
Kecsketánc – goat dance (Egyházaskozár, 1967)

A brief note to say that Bhattacharya had already mined his 1964, 65 and 67 visits to Hungary on several LPs for other labels (featuring some of the same performers) before Argo brought this one out four years after the last recordings. All new tracks, though, as far as I can tell.

Thanks to Lars/Bolingo for pics of the performers from the Caprice album.

Further notes when I get round to it.

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2 Responses to “(1971) Various Artists – Music from Hungary”

  1. Really nice post, beautifully designed and presented site with great music. I have been reading about Deben Bhattacharya, he made some really nice recordings.
    I would just like to report a problem on this page though with a dead link to track A1.
    Thanks for posting this great music.

    • Cheers Mel for kind words. The blog has been on the back burner for a good while, but I hope to return one day to sort out the glitches and add stuff.

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