(1970) Various Artists – This Is Man’s World

Argo issue number: ZFB 17

Issued in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). All proceeds from the record and sheet music (published by Robbins Music Corporation) went to the WWF

Recorded: at Decca Studios, London, July 1970
Producer: Frederick Woods
Engineers: Terry Johnson and Adrian Martins

David Attenborough
Liz Dyer
John Faulkner
David Goulder
Rick Jones
Sandra Kerr
Cyril Tawney

Frederick Woods
Jim Lacey
Donn Dunnigan


Side 1
A fable for tomorrow (from Silent Spring by Rachel Carson) – read by DA
This is man’s world – RJ vocal and guitar, JL & DD guitars
The big machines – LD vocal, DG guitar
This land is my land – CT vocal, DG guitar and chorus, FW
The land of the carrion crow – DG vocal and guitar, JF fiddle
Killing without thought – RJ vocal and guitar, JL & DD guitars

Side 2
Open your eyes – LD vocal, DG guitar
Bitter Harvest – JF vocal, SK guitar
Do you wanna come clean? – SK vocal and guitar, JF mandolin and chorus, FW chorus
If we did to their daughters what they’re doing to our land (Tawney) – CT unaccompanied
I’ve held your hand – SK vocal and dulcimer
The child from the future – RJ vocal and guitar, JL & DD guitars

Notes to follow

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3 Responses to “(1970) Various Artists – This Is Man’s World”

  1. Surely this album is later than 1970! Dave Goulder and I recorded the January Man album (ZFB10)in Feb that year, Raven and the Crow (ZFB20) the following year and I believe TiMW was the year after that … so 1972 for release in 73.

  2. looking for Donn Dunnigan margie richter from laredo

  3. How do I buy a CD of this?

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