(1969) John Faulkner & Sandra Kerr – John & Sandra

zfb2Argo issue number: ZFB 2

John Faulkner – vocals, mandolin
Sandra Kerr – vocals, dulcimer, concertina, guitar, whistle


Side One
Song of Choice (Peggy Seeger) – SK and JF
The Pneumatical Drill (trad arr AL Lloyd) – JF
Jack Orion (trad arr AL Lloyd) – SK
William Taylor (trad arr SK & JF) – JF and SK
The Unquiet Grave (trad) – SK
The Old Drover (trad) – JF
George Collins (trad) – SK

Side Two
Striking Times (trad arr SK & JF) – SK and JF
Seven Yellow Gypsies (trad arr SK & JF) – SK
Grand Conversation on Napoleon (trad) – JF
Three Jolly Butchers (trad arr SK & JF) – SK
The Rambling Royal (trad arr AL Lloyd) – JF
What’ll the Neighbours say (Sandra Kerr) – SK
Schooldays End (Ewan MacColl) – JF and SK

Notes to follow

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