RG series (mono) – 1 to 100 – 1953 to 1957

By mid-1953, Argo’s series numbering had all turned out to be a bit chaotic. "At the request of the trade we are re-numbering our records in order to clear up the confusion of our previous prefixes," the label announced in a press ad. All 12" LPs would now be designated RG and the 10" LPs TM.

Classical music in white, spoken word yellow, folk music in green.

Earlier release details given in brackets under the RG issue number.

Issue No Artist Title Year
RG 1
RG 2
(ARS 1006-7)
Gamelan Orchestra Music from Bali (2 LP) 1953
RG 3
ARS 1002)
Hirsch String Quartet Debussy Quartet F minor
Arensky Variations
RG 4
ARS 1004)
Eric Parkin (piano) John Ireland – Sonata for piano in E minor, London Pieces, Decorations 1953
RG 5
(ARS 1005)
Rubra-Gruenberg-Pleeth Trio Rubbra trio/Mozart trio G maj 1953
RG 6
(ATC 1002)
a) Maria Lidka (violin) Margaret Kitchin (piano) b) Gordon Watson (piano) a) Fricker sonata for violin & piano
b) Humphrey Searle – Sonata
RG 7
(ARS 1011)
Hirsch String Quartet Bloch quartet No 2
Wolf Italian serenade
RG 8
RG 9
RG 10
(ARS 1001)
Robert Speaight (reader) T. S. Eliot – Wasteland, Hollow Men, Ash Wednesday, Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock 1953
RG 11 Robert Speaight (reader) T. S. Eliot – Four Quartets 1953
RG 12
(ARS 1012)
W. R. Rodgers (reader) W. R. Rodgers Europa & The Bull etc 1953
RG 13
(ARS 1013)
Margaret Rawlings (reader) Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins & John Keats 1953
RG 14
(ARS 1014)
Max Rostal (violin) Noel Mewton-Wood (piano) Busoni Sonata for violin & piano No 2 1953
RG 15
(ATC 1005)
Peter Pears (piano) Noel Mewton Wood (piano) Tippett – Heart’s Assurance
Tippett – Boyhood’s End
RG 16
RG 17
RG 18
RG 19
(ARS 1016)
Alan Wheatley (translator and reader) Lorca poems 1953
RG 20 John Cameron (baritone) Iris Kells & Patricia Bartlett (sopranos) Gordon Watson (piano) Vaughan Williams – Wenlock Edge/ Pilgrims’s Progress 1953
RG 21
RG 22
BBC cast including Richard Burton Dylan Thomas – Under Milk Wood 1954
RG 23 Margaretta Scott (reader) Shelley poems 1954
RG 24 Christopher Hassall (reader) Wordsworth – Donne Jan 1954
RG 25 Alexander Young (tenor) Gordon Watson (piano) Britten – Donne Sonnets
Britten – Michelangelo Sonnets
Jan 1954
RG 26 Alexander Young (tenor) Lionel Solomon (flute) Peter Graeme (English horn) Sebastian String Quartet Warlock – The Curlew
Warlock – Twelve Songs
Jan 1954
RG 27 Cecil Day Lewis (translator and reader) Virgil – The Georgics
RG 28 Eric Parkin (piano) John Ireland – Months mind, Pieces, Prelude, Rhapsody, Sarnia 1954?
RG 29 Richard Burton, Emlyn Williams, Hugh Griffith, Louis MacNiece (readers) Homage to Dylan Thomas 1954
RG 30
RG 31
Arnold Richardson (organ of Royal Festival Hall) Mendelssohn – Organ Works 1955
RG 32
RG 33 Edric Connor and The Caribbeans Songs from Jamaica 1954
RG 34 Maria Korchinska (harp) Sophie Wyss (soprano)  Chansons de France – arrangements by Antony Hopkins, Matyas Sieber, Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Robert Gerhard, Grace Williams, Gerald Cockshot, Leonard Isaacs  1955
RG 35
RG 36 Alexander Young (tenor) Gordon Watson (piano) Songs by Roger Quilter Nov 1954
RG 37
RG 38 Esme Percy (speaker of personal reminiscence) The Legend of Sarah Bernhardt 1955
RG 39 King’s College Chapel Choir, dir. Boris Ord, Hugh McLean (organ) A festival of lessons and carols 1954
RG 40 Eric Robinson & his ‘Music For You’ Orchestra Music for You 1955
RG 41 Richard Burton, John Neville, Robert Hardy (readers) Coleridge – Rime of the ancient mariner, Kubla Khan, Frost at Midnight Nov 1954
RG 42 Renaissance Singers, dir. Michael Howard Byrd Mass for four voices
Motets from Gradualia
RG 43 Richard Burton (reader) Reads 15 poems by Dylan Thomas
RG 44
RG 45
RG 46 Joan Stuart (soprano) Gordon Watson (piano) Alexander Young (tenor), members of the Renaissance Singers cond Michael Howard Delius – songs 1957?
RG 47 a) Max Rostal (violin) Colin Horsley (piano) b) Anthony Pini (cello) Wilfrid Parry (piano) Delius – a) Sonata No 2 for violin & piano b) Caprice & Elegy for cello & piano 1955
RG 48 a) Colin Horsley (piano) Max Rostal (violin) b) Robert Masters Quartet Walton – a) Sonata for violin and piano, b) Quartet for piano and strings 1955
RG 49
RG 50 a) Gordon Watson (piano) Argo Chamber Ensemble cond Charles Groves b) Alexander Young (tenor) Argo Chamber Ensemble cond Charles Groves Constant Lambert – a) Concerto for solo piano & nine instruments b) Eight poems by Li Po 1955
RG 51
RG 52
a) Stephen Manton (tenor) Eric Shilling (baritone) Elizabeth Boyd (soprano) Intimate Opera Company b) Lamar Crowson (piano) a) Michael Flanders & Anthony Hopkins – Three’s Company
b) Hopkins – Piano Sonata in C minor
RG 53 Dennis Noble (baritone) Wilfrid Parry (piano) p.s. Don’t forget your music 1955
RG 54 Ethel Semser (soprano) Virtuoso Chamber Ensemble cond Rene Liebowitz Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire 1955
RG 55 Robert Masters piano quartet Faure – Quartet for piano & strings No 1 in C 1955
RG 56 Robert Masters piano quartet Faure Quartet for piano/strings
No 2 in G
RG 57 Edric Connor & The Southlanders Songs from Trinidad 1955
RG 58 Edric Connor & The Southlanders Calypso 1955
RG 59
RG 60
RG 61
RG 62 Various artists (field recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) Music of India: Songs from Bombay 1956
RG 63
RG 64
RG 65
RG 66 Eric Robinson & his ‘Music For You’ Orchestra Music For You (vol 2) 1955
RG 67
RG 68
RG 69 Alexander Young (tenor) Goldsmlth’s Choral Union, London Symphony Orchestra cond Richard Austin Balfour-Gardiner – Overture to a comedy, Shepherd Fennel’s Dance, April, Philomela Jan 1956
RG 70 Carmen Prietto (soprano) Bert Weedon (guitar) Songs from Mexico 1956
RG 71
RG 72
Arnold Richardson (organ of Royal Festival Hall, London) Brahms – Complete organ works 1956
RG 73 Oxford Chamber Players dir Raymond Clauson John Jenkins – Fancies and Ayres 1957?
RG 74 a) Geoffrey Gilbert (flute) George Crozier (flute) Lionel Solomon (flute) Jean Pougnet (violin) Francesco Gabarro (cello) b) Frederick Riddle (viola) Eric Harrison (pianoforte) Robert Still – a) Quintet for 3 flutes, violin & cello
b) Sonata for viola & piano No 2
RG 75
RG 76
RG 77
RG 78
Dennis Noble, Carmen Prietto etc, Argo Chamber Ensemble cond Richard Austin. Produced by Douglas Cleverdon Gay – The Beggar’s Opera 1955
RG 79 Robert Speaight Hilaire Belloc – Poems 1956
RG 80 King’s College Cambridge Chapel Choir, dir. Boris Ord, Hugh McLean (organ) Orlando Gibbons – Tudor Church Music 1956
RG 81 a) c) Robert Riefling (piano) b)Juilliard String Quartet Valen – a) Pieces Op 22 b) Quartets, strings No 2 c) Intermezzo Op 36 1956
RG 82
RG 83
Thurston Dart (harpsichord, clavichord) Purcell – Complete works for harpsichord and clavichord 1956
RG 84
RG 85
Jacobean Ensemble – Neville Marriner & Peter Gibbs (violins) Desmond Dupre (bass viol)   Thurston Dart (Snetzler Organ) Purcell – Sonatas of III parts, Sonatas 1-VI (RG 84), VII-XII (RG 85) 1956
RG 86
RG 87
RG 88 Stephen Spender (reader) Spender – Reads a selection of his poems 1958?
RG 89 a) Wilfrid Parry (piano) Iris Loveridge (piano) Gilbert Webster & Jack Lees (percussion) dir. Richard Austin b) Wilfrid Parry (piano) Frederick Grinke (violin), Jack Brymer (clarinet)                                   Bartok – a) Sonata for two pianos & percussion b) Contrasts for piano, violin and clarinet 1956
RG 90 Chanteurs de Saint Eustache, cond. Rev Emile Martin de Manchicourt – Mass ‘Quo Abiit Dilectus Tuus’. Josquin des Prés – Miserere motet.  Anon – Emendemus motet 1957
RG 91 Renaissance Singers, dir Michael Howard Tallis – Mass in four parts, Lamentations of Jeremiah 1958
RG 92
RG 93
RG 94 J.P. Rampal (flute) and the Pasquier Trio Mozart – Four quartets for flute and strings 1957
RG 95 J. P. Rampal (flute) Perre Pierlot (oboe) Paul Hongne (bassoon) Robert Gendre (violin) Robert Veyron-Lacroix (harpsichord) Vivaldi – Concerto in D major, Sonata in A minor, Concerto in G minor, Sonata in C minor, Concerto in F major 1957
RG 96
RG 97
RG 98
RG 99 King’s College Cambridge Chapel Choir, dir. Boris Ord, Hugh McLean (organ) Evensong in Kings College Dec 1956
RG 100 Grantly Dick Read Natural Childbirth 1956

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12 Responses to “RG series (mono) – 1 to 100 – 1953 to 1957”

  1. i recently got a copy of under milk wood in a charity shop – the LP cover opens as it’s a double album but there’s nothing on the middle insides of the sleeves – totally blank -is that normal? Great website.

    • hey dave, to tell you the truth i don’t know. i think they mostly had inserts giving info, but not sure which version you’ve got. sounds like a gatefold, but would be surprised if the original 1954 issue was that. what’s the picture of? is it a guy with big eyebrows in a sea or the more cartoony version signed by olga lehmann bottom right?

  2. Wanted! Who can sell me the LP RG19 or a copy in normal CD format? NO MP3, please! Looking for this LP from Alan Wheatley for long. Any hint where I can buy it or get a copy from this and other records spoken by Alan Wheatley are thankfully appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • Hi, there’s a copy of the earlier Argo release of Lorca poems (ARS 1016) on music stack. click here. Haven’t been able to establish whether that’s the Wheatley translations or something completely different. worth checking out. let me know if you get anywhere. good luck.

  3. Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately the record was already sold. Seems, I have no luck to get this record.

  4. Hi everybody!

    Was I lucky! A few days after my last lament, I found the Lorca record through the 100000th search by google. Meanwhile it arrived. The numbers on the record are: left hand side WN 18098, the line below RG-12. Right hand side F8-OP-7101. On the cover: SWN 18098. The title is simply Poems. It contains:

    Elegy for Donna Juana The Mad
    Sleepwalking Song
    With A Knife
    The Faithless Wife
    Romance of the Spanish Civil Guard
    The Arrest of Antonito El Camborio
    Lament on the Death of a Bullfighter

    Many many thanks to everybody who helped me to find it!


  5. Just got hold of a mint copy of RG1. It’s Gamelan music as you say and includes only 4 tracks – 1 track on side 2 and 3 tracks on side 1. It must have been part of a set because it says “Record One” on the sleeve. Tracks are
    Side 1
    The Overture “Kapi Radja”
    Tamililingan (Bumblebees)
    Ketjak (Monkey Dance)
    Side 2

  6. I recently acquired a copy of RG 34 Chansons de France in playable condition if a bit crackly. Didn’t realised it was quite so old – thanx for the info.

  7. Hi, where can I get a recording of RG11. Not the LP itself (it would never survive the journey through the post to me in South Africa), but an electronic copy that can be sent via the Internet?

  8. Hello,
    Firstly, many thanks for a very valuable site. Hopefully you can help with a question I have:

    For the Issue Nos where no artist/title is given, is this because the Nos were not used or is it because the details of the record are not known ?

    Best Wishes

    Stephen James

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