(1974) Various Artists – Songs and dances from Nepal

Argo issue number: ZFB 92

Recorded, edited and produced by: Deben Bhattacharya
Sleeve notes: Deben Bhattacharya
Cover photo: Deben Bhattacharya

Recorded during a field trip by DB in February and March, 1973.

Issued as part of Argo’s Living Tradition ethnic music series.

Named performers
Singers of the Bagh-Bhairav Hindu temple in Kirtipur
Jhalakman Gandharva – male singer, sarangi
Kancha Gaine – male singer (traditional bard), sarangi
Nati Jyapu – tinchhu
Panchanarayan – dhime, tinchhu, bai
Machamh Jyapu – tinchhu, bai
Ashanarayan – kochakhin
Indralal Shrestha – tinchhu, madal

Madal (ma) – barrel-drum with laced heads
Saragi (sa) – 4-stringed, long-necked fiddle
Tinchhu (ti) – pair of small cymbals
Basuri (ba) – transverse bamboo flute
Dhime (dh) – large cylindrical drum with laced heads
Mridang (mr) – large wooden barrel with laced heads
Jhalincha (jh) – pair of large cymbals
Gahan (ga) – brass bell
Conch-shell trumpet (cst)
Kochakhin (ko) – single-headed wooden drum
Bai (ba) – straight wooden flute


Side One
1 Jal bundi chura (Nepali/Pokhara) – JG vocal (sa), IS (ma)
2 Jyapu-jyapuni (Newari) – unidentified villagers from Panga (ba) (jh) (ma) (mr),
3 Dui Dinako – JG vocal (sa), IS (ma)
4 Newari couple dance – unidentified (ba) (ti) (dh)
5 Khyal – JG (sa), IS (ma)
6 Basant (spring season raga) – MJ (ba), PA (ba), IS (ti), NJ (ti), AS (ko) (Brahmatol)

Side Two
1 Ponga (Newari harvest festival) – MJ and PA (ti) (from Brahmatol)
2 Dhime (Newari) – NJ (ta), PA (ti) (from Brahmatol)
3 Song of the Himalayas (Nepali) – KG vocal and (sa)
4 Song of Krishna (Nepali) – KG vocal and (sa)
5 Temple songs (Newari) – BBH singers, sung in Newari, mr/dh/ga/jh/cst
6 Temple songs (Newari) – BBH singers, sung in Newari, cst/mr/dh/ga

If you’ve got this album, send me a copy, please

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  1. i have this album and plenty of others. Do want to buy any ?
    best regards

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