(1971) Dave Goulder & Liz Dyer (with the Broken Consort) – The Raven and the Crow

zfb30Argo issue number: ZFB 30
Producer: Frederick Woods
Engineer: Iain Churches
Cover: Photograph taken at Glen Torridon, Wester Ross by R. Balharry (see fashion comment from Liz Dyer below)

Re-release: Long deleted by Argo. In 2006, the Japanese label Vinyl Japan brought out CDs of this and Goulder and Dyer’s earlier Argo LP January Man, describing them as “original recording remastered”. Digitally remastered CDs of both albums are now available from Dave Goulder’s website.

Dave Goulder – vocals, guitar
Liz Dyer – vocals

The Broken Consort:
Trevor Crozier – Guitar, Pandora, Cittern
Brian Cooper – Crumhorn, Recorder, Psaltery
Anne Crozier – Recorder, Psaltery, Pipe, Tabor


Side One
1 The Sexton and the Carpenter (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar
2 Dark North Sea (Goulder) – LD vocal, DG guitar
3 Three Old Men (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar, with BC
4 Robin Hood’s Progress to Nottingham (trad) – LD vocal, DG guitar, BC
5 The Raven and the Crow (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar, LD chorus vocal, BC
6 The Blacksmith (trad) – LD vocal, DG guitar

Side Two
1 The Old Market Square (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar
2 The Friar in the Well (trad) – LD unaccompanied
3 A Most Unpleasant Way, Sir (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar, BC
4 The Long and Lonely Winter (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar
5 Till the Prawn-Boats Come (Hudson) – LD vocal, DG guitar
6 When They Laid You in the Ground (Goulder) – DG vocal, guitar, BC

To follow

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4 Responses to “(1971) Dave Goulder & Liz Dyer (with the Broken Consort) – The Raven and the Crow”

  1. Conrad Jelinek is trying to contact Lizzie.

    • Conrad … I’ve lost you again. Moved house etc etc. I am on Facebook as Liz Dyer or as Cirdaneth on the Councilofelrond.com website where I moderate the books forum. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Cover pic taken in Glen Torridon in February. I am standing in the heather to hide the wellies I’m wearing under my evening dress. Evening dress! Note Dave gets to wear the duvet jacket. lol
    Liz Dyer aka Cirdaneth

  3. Great to hear this. In January this year I ordered & received The January Man & Stone Steam & Starlings from Dave’s site (both great albums) Earlier this month I tried to order The Raven & The Crow & Dave’s solo version of The January Man from them too but heard nothing back. I hope they are okay. I will try & e-mail them again soon perhaps but don’t want to hassle them too much if all is not well – so great to at least hear this track anyway!

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