RG 300-399 (mono), ZRG 5300-5399 (stereo)

A lot more of the marathon effort to issue recordings of all of the Shakespeare plays, plus the beginnings of a major new series of recorded poetry, The English Poets – Chaucer to Yeats.

Spoken word in yellow, classical recordings in grey (releases from the Paris label Erato in white) – and a sole miscellaneous item (The Barrow Poets) in green.

Argo No Performer Title Year
RG 300-302
ZRG 5300-
ZRG 5302
Marlowe Society of Cambridge/Peggy Ashcroft/John Gielgud Much Ado About Nothing 1962
RG 303-306
ZRG 5303-
ZRG 5306
Marlowe Society of Cambridge Henry VIII 1962
RG 307-310
ZRG 5307-
ZRG 5310
Marlowe Society of Cambridge, plus Johnson/Worth/Eddison/Scales/Watson et al Anthony & Cleopatra 1962
RG 311-312
ZRG 5311-
ZRG 5312
Marlowe Society of Cambridge, plus Michael Bates/Michael Hordern et al The Comedy of Errors 1962
RG 313-315
ZRG 5313-
ZRG 5315
Marlowe Society of Cambridge, plus Godfrey/Watson/Eddison/Scales/Diana Rigg Love’s Labour’s Lost 1962
RG 316
ZRG 5316
King’s College Choir, Willcocks Taverner – Kyrie Leroy/Mass ‘The Western Wind’/Three Motets Aug 1962
RG 318
ZRG 5318
Peterborough Cathedral Choir, dir Stanley Vann, Richard Latham (organ) Batten/Dering – Tudor Church Music 1962
RG 319 Hubert Gregg Jerome K Jerome – Three Men in a Boat/Three Men on a Bummel (excerpts) 1964?
RG 320
ZRG 5320
Lewis/Brannigan/St John’s College Choir, dir. Guest Stainer – The Crucifixion Feb 1962
RG 322
ZRG 5322
Ward/King’s College Choir/Willcocks/
Bach – St John Passion (excerpts) 1963
RG 323 Sir Michael Redgrave Chekhov (extracts) 1962
RG 325
ZRG 5325
London Symphony Orchestra, King’s College Choir/Willcocks
Haydn – Nelson Mass Nov 1962
RG 326
ZRG 5326
London Wind Quartet Arnold – Three Shanties
Fricker – Wind Quintet Opus 5
Gerhard – Wind Quintet Seiber – Permutazione a cinque
Feb 1963
RG 327
ZRG 5327
Cirencester Grammar School Choir & Orchestra, Simon Preston/Peter Maxwell Davies Maxwell Davies – O Magnum Mysterium Oct 1963
RG 328
ZRG 5328
Parikian/Crowson Fricker – Twelve Studies Musgrave – Colloquy
Rawsthorne – Violin Sonata
Mar 1963
RG 329
ZRG 5329
Allegri String Quartet Maconchy String Quartet No 5
Walton – String Quartet in A min
Oct 1964
RG 333
ZRG 5333
Alan/London Symphony Orchestra/ King’s College Choir/Willcocks Vaughan Williams – Fanstasia on Christmas Carols
Twelve Carols
Oct 1962
RG 334 Marlowe Society of Cambridge, plus Church/Ashcroft/Holmes The Rape of Lucrece 1963
RG 336-337 Marlowe Society of Cambridge, plus Irene Worth/Rylands/Peter Orr/Michael Hordern Shakespeare – Venus & Adonis/The First Folio Dedications and Ben Johnson Eulogy 1963
RG 338 Brock Peters/Gordon Heath/Vinette Carroll/Cleo Laine, dir Harley Usill Beyond the Blues –American Negro Poetry 1963
RG 339
ZRG 5339
Simon Preston Franck – Choral No 2
Franck – Piece heroique
Messiaen – L’Ascension
Mar 1963
RG 340
ZRG 5340
St John’s College Choir, Guest Twentieth Century Cathedral Music Mar 1963
RG 341 Tony Church/Derek Godfrey/ Margaretta Scott/Gary Watson Keats Poems 1963
RG 342 Church/Duncan/McCarthy/Scott/ Watson/ Tennyson Poems 1963
RG 343 Max Adrian /Frank D      Duncan/Keith Michell/George Rylands Pope Poems 1963
RG 344 Orr/Duncan/Johnson Lord Byron Poems 1963
RG 345 Bates/Church/Godfrey/Hordern/Orr William Wordsworth Poems 1963
RG 346 Bates/McCarthy/Adrian/Duncan Robert Browning Poems 1963
RG 347 Bates/Church/Godfrey/Hordern/Orr Wordsworth Poems 2 1963
RG 348-350
ZRG 5348-
ZRG 5350
Marlowe Society Cambridge with Peggy Ashcroft/Derek Godfrey etc The Taming of the Shrew 1963
RG 351-353
ZRG 5351-
ZRG 5353
Marlowe Society Cambridge plus Wymark, Beatrix Lehmann, Angela Baddeley, Geraldine McEwan The Merry Wives of Windsor 1963
RG 354-356
ZRG 5354-
ZRG 5356
Marlowe Society Cambridge plus Prunella Scales/Peter Orr/Michael Hordern/Roy Dotrice etc All’s Well That Ends Well 1963
RG 357-359
ZRG 5357-
ZRG 5359
Marlowe Society Cambridge, with William Devlin/Frank Duncan/Tony Church etc Titus Andronicus 1963
RG 360 The Barrow Poets An Entertainment of Poetry and Music 1963
RG 361
ZRG 5361
Marie-Claire Alain/Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra Handel – Organ Concertos Vol 1 Opus 4 Nos 1-4 Oct 1963
RG 362
ZRG 5362
King’s College Choir, Willcocks Byrd – Mass for Three Voices
Byrd – Mass for Four Voices
Oct 1963
RG 363
ZRG 5363
Xavier Depraz/Helene Bouvier/ Chorales Caillard et Caillat/Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux/Maurice Durufle Durufle – Requiem Op 9 Oct 1963
RG 364 Paillard Chamber Orchestra Rameau – Six Concertos for Strings Oct 1963
RG 365
ZRG 5365
King’s College Choir Evensong for Ash Wednesday Feb 1964
RG 366
ZRG 5366
Scherbaum/Redel/Kalmus/Schmid/Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Munich Telemann – Four Concertos Sep 1963
RG 367
ZRG 5367
Selig/Jelden/Wenk/, Heinrich Schutz Chorale/Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra/ Fritz Werner Bach – Cantata 21 Sep 1963
RG 369
ZRG 5369
King’s College Choir, English Chamber Orchestra Handel – Anthems for the Coronation of George II 1963
RG 370 Max Adrian/John Barton/Dorothy Tutin Now What is Love 1963
RG 371
ZRG 5371
Westminster Abbey Choir, McKie, Preston Evensong of St Edward Sep 1963
RG 372
ZRG 5372
Amadeus String Quartet Britten – String Quartet No 2
Fricker – String Quartet No 2
Oct 1963
RG 373 Ashcroft/Rylands Pope – The Rape of the Lock 1964
RG 374 Peggy Ashcroft/Richard Johnson Lord Byron – Don Juan, Cantos I and II 1964
RG 375
ZRG 5375
Marie-Claire Alain/Paillard Chamber Orchestra Handel – Organ Concertos (Nos 5-8) 1963
RG 376
ZRG 5376
Angelici/Selig/Mourant/Lesueur/Abdoun/ Chorale des Jeunesses Musicales de France/Durufle/Paillard Orchestra Charpentier – Midnight Mass for Christmas 1964
RG 377
ZRG 5377
Marie-Claire Alain/Paillard Chamber Orchestra Handel Organ Concertos (Nos 9-12) 1964
RG 378
ZRG 5378
Paillard Chamber Orchestra Mouret – Fanfares/ Symphonies 1964
RG 379
ZRG 5379
Marie-Claire Alain/Paillard Chamber Orchestra Handel Organ Concertos (Nos 13-16) 1964
RG 380 Garland/Marquand/Watson Shelley – Poems 1964
RG 381 Eve Watkinson/Christopher Casson Grimm’s Fairy Tales Vol 1 1963
RG 384 Cornelia Otis Skinner The Loves of Charles II 1963
RG 385 Balcon/Burden/Hordern/C Day Lewis/ John Stride/Gary Watson/Patrick Wymark What Passing Bell – Poetry and prose of World War I 1964
RG 386-388
ZRG 5386-
ZRG 5388
Marlowe Society Cambridge, with Devlin/Orr/Watson/Wymark/Rossington etc Henry VI Part 1 1964
RG 389-392
ZRG 5389-
ZRG 5392
Marlowe Society Cambridge, with Devlin/Orr/Watson/Wymark/Rossington etc Henry VI Part 2 1964
RG 393-396
ZRG 5393-
ZRG 5396
Marlowe Society Cambridge, with Devlin/Orr/Watson/Wymark/Rossington etc Henry VI Part 3 1964
RG 398
ZRG 5398
King’s College Choir, Willcocks Palestrina – Magnificat/Litaniae de Beata Virgine Maria/Stabat Mater/Two motets Nov 1964
RG 399
ZRG 5399
Elizabethan Singers, Louis Halsey, Simon Preston Sing Nowell Nov 1963

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2 Responses to “RG 300-399 (mono), ZRG 5300-5399 (stereo)”

  1. Great blog–just stumbled upon it looking for information about Edric Connor. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the recording of his “Arrivants” trilogy that the Barbadian poet Edward Kamau Brathwaite did for Argo in the late 60s–really important documents in the history of black people in Britain. I recently contacted Decca records, who told me that some Argo spoken word records were slated for re-release “shortly.” (This was in November…)

    • cheers for that. hadn’t heard about the decca re-releases of spoken word albums. would be really good if that included the brathwaite albums. i haven’t been able to afford them when they’ve come up on ebay. can you let me know if you hear any more?

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